Defense in Depth

As technology advances over time, the techniques of hackers become more and more sophisticated, and the number of information security breaches keeps increasing.

The vision of Ray Aegis Information Security is to develop leading technology of the world, help organizations defend against web criminals, and contribute to the society of information security. We integrate technology and management to help organizations’ data achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Our elite team continues to research in zero-day vulnerability and develop the most advanced systems to protect organizations.

In addition to information security products, our elite team members also do penetration test and vulnerability scanning for customers, and perform risk analysis for organizations. Please click here for more information.

Assisted by a professional information security team, you will no longer need to worry about the issues of information security. You can concentrate on the core business.

Holistic Solution

Ray Aegis Information Technology provides integrated information security services. The CIA service helps you to make the overall information security planning inclusive of establishment (including all the necessary software and hardware), detection and regular analysis, so you no longer have to worry about the problem of information security. The CIA …

APT(Advanced Persistent Threat)

It is a current trend that government entities, banking sectors and medical facilities all rush to purchase information security hardware such as WAF (Web Application Firewall)、IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)、IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and so on. It appears that taking all kinds of medicine but not knowing what is wrong. APT …

Real-Time Vulnerability Detection

Ray Aegis Information Security provides real-time vulnerability detection service to help customers prevent incidents between major risk assessments. Generally speaking, most companies implement two times of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing for one year. However, new vulnerabilities are released every day, causing the company’s information security be seriously threatened. To address this problem, Ray Aegis …